Take advantage of the new consumer law to change your assurance or loan.

From now to May 30 2014, the purchase of a new mandatory insurance policy (car, motocycle or house) would get you a free 10 minutes call overseas*

*Complementary offer can be negotiated for people with family friends living abroad.

With your agency VILEATIS,
you deserve the best quality at an affordable price !
VILEATIS, counselors are available to talk to you before you make the decision to purchase:

Assessment of your needs and current commitment or policies in order to get you the best service at an affordable price.



Refinancing of your real estate loan
Lower your monthly payments/ Lower your debt ratio

Before                                                                   After


Consumer loan 25%
Real Estate Loan 40%
Remaining Income 35%
New Debt (credit) 33%
Remaining disposable income 67%


Real Estate Loans allows you to have many financing option

Option 1 You are a legal resident of France from foreign origin and you would like to buy a property in your country of origin.

Option 2 You are not a France resident and you would like to invest in real estate in France.

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Car, motorcycle insurance/ Professional Liability insurance/
Malpratice/Credit Insurance/Life Insurance

Identify your insurance needs
Get the insurance that fits your needs
Take advantage of policies within your budget
Our professional staff is here to assist you
Your new contracts are activated immediately

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